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Quality Jigsaw Puzzles. 

  All of our puzzles are made from real wood. Every piece is cut individually by our expert craftsman.  Our puzzles are made with pride to last a life time.

  It is our intent to provide the customer with a puzzle that reminds them of a person place or thing that has significance in their lives. Turning your pictures, your memories, into puzzles that will become family heirlooms is what we specialize in. 

  Hand crafted puzzles are the perfect gift for that special someone in your life that already has everything. 

  You will love the feel of our puzzles. When you pick up a piece you know are holding something substantial in your hand. It is not a mass produced piece stamped out of cardboard or something cut on a fancy saw run by a computer. It's a one of a kind piece of art cut one piece at a time, made especially for you.

  Browse through our puzzles and add your favorite to your shopping cart or add to your cart the  'Custom' option. Check out through our online store and then send us your custom photo by clicking on the button at right.


Title: Primula 

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Title: Custom  

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Capture a memory in your own jigsaw puzzle.
You will be glad you did! 

Our Specialty is the CUSTOM  Jigsaw puzzle. We specialize in turning your Favorite photograph into a wood jigsaw puzzle. 

  Do you have a picture of a special place, a special loved one, a wedding or an anniversary that would make a great puzzle?

  Whether you want a four piece puzzle or one with  hundreds of pieces there are  multiple options available at check out!

Find out more about our custom puzzles here.

Some of our top picks.

Title: University mill 

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Title:  Portland Headlight. 

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Title: The monument to Alexander 1

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Title: Trump Tower.  Add  to Cart

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